DANA Flow Divider - OT200

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DANA Flow Divider - OT200

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DANA Flow Divider OT200
DANA Flow Divider OT200

Feature | DANA Flow Divider OT200

The OT200 flow dividers can be used as flow equilizators (with same displacement on each section) or as flow dividers (with different sections displacement). The OT100 flow dividers can be supplied with reset valves to correct any small mistake between two or more cylinders cycle. The OT100 flow dividers can be supplied with section displacements from 4,10 to 30 cc/rev. These are the OT200 flow dividers working parameters.

Technical | DANA Flow Divider OT200

Suggested Filtration△P > 150 bar△P < 150 bar
Contamination class NAS 1638 10 8
Contamination class ISO 4406 17/14 19/16
To be Obtained with Filter 3x75 10-3 m 25-3 m
Minimum Viscosity 10 mm2/s  
ModelOT 200
Minimum Viscosity 10 mm2/s
Maximum Viscosity 100 mm2/s
Suggested Viscosity 20 mm2/s / 100 mm/s
Suggested Temperature 30/50 °C
Working Temperature -15/80 °C

ติดต่อ DANA, DANA Hydraulic, mobile Hydraulic

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