DANA Gear pumps

DANA Gear pump

OT OilTechnology is a young Company, founded in November 2001, which makes a comprehensive range of external gear pumps, motors and flow dividers. From the technical side OT Oiltechnology has realized an "up-to date" project that is in line with the new needs of the market.

The OT Oiltechnology keys to succes are the following :

  • SERVICE: A very good service, higly flexible, most important attribute of the Company.
  • QUALITY:Costant quality control and 100% product resting to achieve the best results possible from our working processes.
  • PRICE: Low overheads together with an efficient working process
  • TO BE A PARTNER OF OUR CUSTOMERS: This is the MISSION of OT OilTechnology.

ติดต่อ DANA, DANA Hydraulic, mobile Hydraulic

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