DANA Power Units - MR series

The MR series of micro power packs are ideal for use in applications where compact size and reduced flow rates are required, designed primarily for operating 1 single-acting cylinder but with the possibility of multiple drives using stackable blocks.

DANA Power Units - MR series

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DANA Power Units MR
DANA Power Units MR series

Feature | DANA Power Units MR

The power packs have been studied to offer a rational and economic solution to the MR many applications of the hydraulic automation. The modularity is realized with large production standard components joining a high quality level to a very simple way of mounting and working of the unit. The components are easily interchangeable and make power packs exceptionally flexible. More on, the modularity allows the availability of the whole range of power packs with a versatile and economic stocking of the components. The result is a compact, economic and noiseless unit with high performances to be employed in all the industrial fields.

Installation and use | DANA Power Units MR

  • Carefully spot the hydraulic system and choose a proper power pack both for the pump displacement and the reservoir capacity. Equip the system with the adequate securities and trusteable tools.
  • The power pack can be mounted in all the stated positions, both in horizontal and in vertical position with the reservoir downwards: in case the power pack is mounted on structures or machines bearing vibrations or oscillations, vibration dampings must be used.
  • Choose a proper reservoir for a correct suction of the pump and a working temperature of 60°C (80°C max).
  • Choose a proper hydraulic fluid: it is suggested to filter the fluid at 25 30 before filling the reservoir.
  • Avoid to pressurize the power pack before its warming up: ambient temperature: -15°C+60°C (5°F+140°F).
  • Avoid to throttle pipings and small bend radius.

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